Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dawn Sokol's Class

(credit: Dawn DeVries Sokol @ here)

Coming up soon one of my favorite blogger's Dawn DeVries Sokol @ her blog is teaching a course on doodling. Its called 'Doodle 12.31' and she is teaching it in December. I highly suggest you check out her blog, what she is offering and get inspired! I can't wait to learn some new ideas for my art journal and get all of my favorite pens and markers out and doodle away!

Happy Autumn Ya'll!

So, October is is finally here, and I am updating this blog. I have still been around the net- trust me, I couldn't just disappear! ;)

Whats new?

  • I have been teaching voice lessons here in the Woodbridge area and LOVING IT! I missed teaching so much, and its combines two of my favorite activities: Singing & Teaching!
  • Matt and I are decorating the house/yard for Halloween. You know Halloween is a a big deal around our home. The above picture is of our front yard. Matt did an awesome job of decorating, eh?

I've been doing lots of lovely arts & crafts. Here is a photo of the Autumn wreath I made

Thats it for now, folks! I'll be updating this blog more often with pictures, videos, and whats good around the web in crafts, DIY, bargain fashion & beauty and anything I find interesting!

For now, enjoy my current obsession, Pinterest:

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