Monday, July 27, 2009

Manic Monday

Hey All. Today was a pretty boring Monday. I slept in later after a strange night of my ambien not working very well, and then realized my energy level was zero. I laid around some more, ate my favorite cereal (Special K-Chocolate!) and eventually got with the program and went out to the pharmacy and store.
In more exciting news....


So many of my good friends celebrate birthdays in July, Matt (7/6) Sara T (7/18), Sarah A (7/22) so there is a lot to remember! Anyways, I hope this week will provide more interesting post, today has just been very laid-back since my fibromyalgia and stomach have been acting up pretty bad the last few days. I will keep you updated on our moving and provide pictures,of course. Thanks for reading :) xoxo, Cassie

Random Pic of the Day:

Me, when I was about 3 or so, enjoying the beach. Wish I was there right now!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Young Love

Today I spent the day with Kim, Mom, Jasper and Austin. We wanted to have a play date for the babies and also have some girl-time to chat. It was nice to spend some time together and we also witnessed a pretty hardcore thunderstorm which knocked out our cable/internet for a bit. Then, Matt and I packed up the Matrix and dropped off some stuff at the condo this evening. August 1st cannot come soon enough!

Here are some pictures from today:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

4th of July Goodies

(Trying to get us both in the shot)

(Aww, whomp whomp! When will the fireworks start?!)

(My most favorite person in the entire world...and Matt! j/k, My lovely fiancee Matt and I)

(I'm just hanging out at the beach here)

(Our beautiful beach view from our viewpoint)

(Ahhh, Flip-flops, how I love thee)

(Matt enjoying my cake!)

(The cake tasted great!)

(One piece for me, and one for you!)

(One slice for me, please!)

(I heart sprinkles!)

Since I didn't post on the 4th of July this year, I did want to share some pictures of how the day went. My family & I spent a relatively quiet day at home eating lots of yummy food from fried chicken to raw veggies to 7-layer taco dip to my patriotic layer cake I made! (See Pics in post)
My patriotic cake has 3 layers inside of raspberry, blackberry & strawberry preserves with white cake & vanilla icing. It was to die for! Everyone seemed to like it as it wasn't sitting around the kitchen table very long. This cake will definitely be a repeat.
Matt and I went to PAX and sat on the beach for a few hours around dusk and then watched the Solomons Island fireworks together. I also took some pictures of our time together there as well.

Updates Via Pictures

(A pic of the outside of our new condo in Westmeath)
(Me walking around our new condo, looking like I'm directing traffic or something)
(Matt and Austin playing on the laptop)

(Daddy and Daughter, or- D.J. and Austin)

(Uncle Matt playing with Austin!)

(Matt up in the hotel room for his business trip to Tysons Corner, VA, love room service!)

(Wow, our faces look recidulous! After dinner with Sara & Josh over on Solomon's Island)

(BFFAE! Sara & I after dinner)

(Matt & I at my Nana's house for a summer cookout)

(Austin on Grandma's lap at my Grandfather's 80th Birthday party)

(Just chillin' with my honey)

(Momma and I)

(My new ride, before we bought it)

(Mom, right after her back surgery with some beautiful flowers)

(My friend Holly & I at lunch for some girl time chat!)

Welcome to Adulthood!

Okay, so I figured when I started this blog that it would be a short journey and stay in cyberspace all lonely and unfulfilled. However, I want to begin again and keep up with this so that my close friends and family can see whats going on in my life if they so choose online.

So- Whats new then?
So much! A lot has happened since my last post way back in April. I have gotten a new car (Goodbye purple people eater) and got a 2003 Ford Taurus in a metallic light blue color. I'm very happy with it and it is quite an upgrade from my old car.
Matt and I just signed the lease on a new condo in Westmeath, which we will be moving into completely after August 1st. Its a 2 bed, 2 bath with a really nice master bathroom with a shower *and* bath tub which I will definitely take advantage of having. It has underground parking, security, elevators, a balcony, a kitchen with garbage disposal & bar, two walk-in closets and tons of storage, which rocks since we will surely need it!
We have spent a lot of time and $$ the last couple of weeks buying furniture and decor for our 1st place together and we are very eager to move in and live together alone finally.
Welcome to Adulthood!
It is both scary and exciting all at the same time, but I am 23 and ready for the journey. I am so happy to have Matt back home and out of the military and look forward to living together on our own and cuddling on our couch watching "BS" or "The Shield" as we like to do, munching on skittles or ice cream and other unhealthy treats :)

I will take LOTS of pics and include them in this blog so friends & family from near and far can see our moving journey unfold! Dun Dun Dun...

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