Saturday, July 25, 2009

Updates Via Pictures

(A pic of the outside of our new condo in Westmeath)
(Me walking around our new condo, looking like I'm directing traffic or something)
(Matt and Austin playing on the laptop)

(Daddy and Daughter, or- D.J. and Austin)

(Uncle Matt playing with Austin!)

(Matt up in the hotel room for his business trip to Tysons Corner, VA, love room service!)

(Wow, our faces look recidulous! After dinner with Sara & Josh over on Solomon's Island)

(BFFAE! Sara & I after dinner)

(Matt & I at my Nana's house for a summer cookout)

(Austin on Grandma's lap at my Grandfather's 80th Birthday party)

(Just chillin' with my honey)

(Momma and I)

(My new ride, before we bought it)

(Mom, right after her back surgery with some beautiful flowers)

(My friend Holly & I at lunch for some girl time chat!)


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