Saturday, July 25, 2009

4th of July Goodies

(Trying to get us both in the shot)

(Aww, whomp whomp! When will the fireworks start?!)

(My most favorite person in the entire world...and Matt! j/k, My lovely fiancee Matt and I)

(I'm just hanging out at the beach here)

(Our beautiful beach view from our viewpoint)

(Ahhh, Flip-flops, how I love thee)

(Matt enjoying my cake!)

(The cake tasted great!)

(One piece for me, and one for you!)

(One slice for me, please!)

(I heart sprinkles!)

Since I didn't post on the 4th of July this year, I did want to share some pictures of how the day went. My family & I spent a relatively quiet day at home eating lots of yummy food from fried chicken to raw veggies to 7-layer taco dip to my patriotic layer cake I made! (See Pics in post)
My patriotic cake has 3 layers inside of raspberry, blackberry & strawberry preserves with white cake & vanilla icing. It was to die for! Everyone seemed to like it as it wasn't sitting around the kitchen table very long. This cake will definitely be a repeat.
Matt and I went to PAX and sat on the beach for a few hours around dusk and then watched the Solomons Island fireworks together. I also took some pictures of our time together there as well.


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