Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some new stuff!

Matt and I have been super busy moving into our new condo so my posts haven't been very plentiful lately. However, I plan to post more often since I will have plenty of time on my newly unemployed hands (Long story, suffice it to say I was having my paycheck illegally withheld and it is the first job I have ever quit, which is unfortunate because I enjoyed teaching the kids there). Matt will be on travel for a couple of weeks coming up so I will do some blogging to keep him and everyone else in "the know".
I will post some new pictures of random things around our new condo, as well as some cute pictures of Austin and our friends and family. Check them out below :)

(Matt & Dan playing Rock Band 2, with their band "Darwin Curbing Jesus" Ugh.)
(Matt w/ Travis & Teresa, before they move out to Australia to teach dance!)

(Little turdunken Austin helping me move, or me trying to pack her up to take to Aunt Cassies hehe)

(Yucky looking Aunt Cassie with Austin, cuddle time!)

(Two cutie-pies, Austin looking at Jordan)


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