Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Visit back home

Hello readers! I visited my parent's house yesterday for a crab cake dinner (they were so good, Thanks Mom!) and I took some family pictures while I was there. Matt is in New Mexico on work travel (look below for a couple pics!) so I've been doing my own thing back here in MD. Today I'm feeling pretty bad w/ my fibromyalgia and stomach issues so I'm just relaxing at home, watching some super depressing A & E show called "Obsession" (if you ever feel bad about your own life and feel neurotic, just tune in to this stuff, you'll feel much better, or worse depending on exactly how neurotic you are ;)
Anyways, Look forward to new posts later this week with crafty nonsense of what I'm doing in the apartment (I'm bringing out the spray paint- watch out!), and this weekend I'm going to Terri's wedding, so I will post pics of that as well.

Check out the family pictures below:

(Dad, Austin & I)

(Proud Aunt and Neice)

(My brother and I with Austin)

(Austin is getting so big, shes holding her own bottle now)

(Proud Papa and Daughter)

(My mom loves being a Grandmommy!)

Pictures of Matt in New Mexico (The mountains looks beautiful, wish I could see them in person):
(Matt exploring town on his off-time)

(Small town, huge sky)

(There is a dust storm off in the distance, pretty awesome!)

(Matt with his cartoon twin, hehe)

(The houses there are really neat looking)

(This is a crazy sign, but thanks for the advice!)


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